iPad Mini 5 release date and price

iPad Mini 5 release date and price

The iPad Mini 5 is the flavour of the season. With the announcement of Apple’ star performer imminent, it is up to the Cupertino-based giant to determine how it will market the device. The iPad Mini 5 may be released this month; experts and tech analysts suggest that a new Apple Pencil is also on the cards. The iPad Mini 5 may well be renamed as the iPad Pro Mini as well. It is interesting to note that the number of competitors of the iPad Mini 5 has increased exponentially over the years. The iPad Mini 5 will take the world by storm when it launches.

The iPad Mini 5’s price is a matter of conjecture and suspense. Too expensive and the iPad Mini 5 may well end up being out of reach of the majority of users. Too inexpensive and many enthusiasts may also end up believing the fact that the iPad Mini 5 is not ‘up to the mark’. The iPad Mini 4was released two years ago on 9 September 2015. It was priced at $399 USD for the 16GB model with only Wi-Fi. Two of the bigger models with 64GB and 128GB of native storage were priced at £399 and £479 respectively. If you added the factor of cellular connectivity, it added another £100 to the already bloated price tag.

However, the iPad Mini 4 with the 16GB native storage is no longer available in the market.  The variant with the 32GB and Wi-Fi can be had for £379 at current prices. The variant with 128GB of native storage is priced at £469. The ‘cellular’ variant is priced at £499 for the 32GB variant and a steep £589 for the 128GB variant.

Our analysts believe that the iPad Mini 5 will be released at the exact same price as well. Expect the iPad Mini 5 to arrive at £379 for the entry-level model. While we have seen the 16GB variant already been discontinued, we do not expect that the new iPad Mini 5 will be released in the 16 GB variant this year as well. Apple may well launch the new iPad Mini 5 with the 32GB and 128GB variants. Apple may well end up offering a 32GB model, a 64GB model and a 128GB variant.

The Apple iPad Mini 5 release date is also a matter of great speculation and it is hardly a surprise that the new iPad Mini 5 is so eagerly awaited. The iPad Mini 5 has a rich history of fandom and fantastic predecessors as well. The iPad Mini 4 was also critically and commercially acclaimed and it is sure to suggest that the new iPad Mini 5 is also eagerly anticipated. The release date of the iPad Mini 5 is sure to be sometime this month. At Apple’s big March 2016 event, Tim Cook, the CEO of the company had announced the then-new iPhone SE, the 9.7-in iPad Air Pro, the then-new iOS 9.3 and the new Apple Watch straps. Judging by the current trends and rumours, we have reason to believe that Apple will release the iPad mini 5, or even the new iPad Pro-Mini will be released at a 2017 March event which is sooner than you realise.