Playbox app’s features

Playbox, the free cinema and video downloading app available for the Android and the iOS platforms, has a lot of very important and nifty features. We must caution you, however, that the app is not legal when you use it on Apple devices. Sooner or later, the Apple bosses will get to know about the device and the fact that it is available on the iOS platform and it will be taken down. We have prepared a list of features for you in case you need to use it. The features are very thoughtfully included and provide security and privacy for the user.


The Playbox app provides free support for the user. The app provides completely free of charge downloads for movies, videos, music videos, and a range of other entertainment options. The range of download possible is entirely free of cost and the app has also been verified a number of times, leading many users to confuse between the difference between the ordinary video downloading software and the Playbox app! Such is its popularity of the app.

The Playbox app is able to support a fantastic kid’s mode for privacy and viewing safety as well. The app’s kid’s mode can lock and unlock videos, retain some videos in its memory which cannot be accessed by kids without a keyword or a password. This is a great way to screen young minds from the harmful and the corrupting influence some channels or movies have. This also means that kids do not fall prey to the violence and sex that is rampant in current entertainment modes. The Playbox app is also essential in ensuring that the adults can also supervise what the kids watch in their spare time. Use the Playbox app to determine which of the movies, documentaries, educational videos, or even mythological aspects your kids can watch. The app is a great way of ensuring that a holistic view to the enrichment of the child’s education is provided.

The Playbox app is also essential in ensuring that your viewing experience is not inhibited by the size of your phone’s screen. The Playbox app supports Chromecast as well and the app ensures that the support also extends to your big-screen TV sets as well as your projectors. The app is very important if you keep in mind the fact that the download and streaming of movies and videos are not free these days. This also means that the entertainment cycle in your life never goes unfinished.

The Playbox app also ensures that the viewer does not miss out on the many different genres of entertainment that the world provides. This means that the entertainment of the world is at your fingertips. The Playbox app will also ensure that the movies in foreign languages are also viewable. The one big factor is that you can download subtitles. This means that you can watch all movies made bt great filmmakers like Antonioni and Fellini without downloading them. The subtitles make the job a lot easier.